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Jumpstart Academy Africa Welcomes a New Era of Learning with Our Community Library

A Milestone Partnership with Book Aid International

In a landmark initiative set to redefine educational accessibility and community engagement in Bamenda, Jumpstart Academy Africa proudly announces the launch of our state-of-the-art community library. This endeavour is a result of our collaboration with Book Aid International, facilitated by the unwavering support of the Queens Commonwealth Trust network. This partnership underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of learning and intellectual growth across the community.

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge: Over a Thousand Books to Explore

Our library opens its doors with a generous donation from Book Aid International, featuring a diverse array of 1032 books. This extensive collection encompasses a wide range of topics to meet the varied interests and educational objectives of our community. From in-depth IB Diploma Science Books and essential exam preparation materials for IELTS, SAT, and GMAT to comprehensive resources on Self-Development, Teacher Education, and emerging fields such as Computer Science and Environmental Communication, we offer unparalleled access to knowledge and learning resources.

Beyond Books: A Center for Learning and Community Engagement

Our vision extends beyond creating a traditional library space. We aim to establish a vibrant hub for educational engagement, offering programs designed to enhance learning experiences, promote intellectual curiosity, and strengthen community bonds. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the horizon:

  • “Moments with Books”: An interactive series celebrating literature and learning with special guests and engaging discussions.
  • Educational and Recreational Clubs: Dive deep into literature with our Reading Club, challenge your strategic thinking with Scrabble and Ludo Club gatherings, or engage in the competitive spirit of our Monopoly Club events.
  • Interactive Learning Sessions: Tailored sessions focusing on skill development, exam preparation, and personal growth, guiding members towards achieving their academic and professional goals.

Join the Movement: Explore, Learn, Connect

The inauguration of our community library is a call to action for students, educators, and all members of the Bamenda community to engage in a collective journey of discovery and development. This library represents more than just a physical space—it symbolises our dedication to creating opportunities for growth, learning, and community building. Whether you’re a student striving for academic excellence, a teacher seeking resources for inspiration, or a community member eager to connect with fellow learners, our doors are open to you.

We invite you to visit, explore our collections, and participate in our programs. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, unlocking the potential within ourselves and our community through the transformative power of education.

Stay Connected

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on library hours, program schedules, and special events. We’re just getting started, and there’s so much more to come. Join us in making the Jumpstart Academy Africa community library a cornerstone of learning and community engagement in Bamenda.

Your adventure in learning begins here. Welcome to the community!

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