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Jumpstart Academy Africa will be hosting live and on demand classes taught by top instructors, to prepare students for the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level in selected subjects.
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Jumpstart Academy Africa believes education is the most powerful tool in the world.
With this belief which is at the core of our mission, it is imperative that all children everywhere have access to learning at all times.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, have resulted to schools around Cameroon the world being shut down.

Our Virtual Learning platform was launched to provide online education to students in Cameroon and across Africa.


Eugene Ngafi is a trained and certified teacher from the Higher Teachers Training College Bamibili. Holder of DIPES 1 and Bsc in Applied Botany. He has been teaching biology both in the ordinary and advanced level for more than 9 years. Also, experienced in carrying out and supervising practicals at the GCE. His diligence, commitment and hard work has always given his students the first place. He gave GBHS Ndu and GSS Njilah's best results in 2017 since the creation of the school
A trained and certified phyics teacher from the Higher Teachers Training College Bamblil. Holder of DIPES 1 of physics education and Bsc in physics from the University of Bamenda. Currently, a postgraduate student in Physics Education and Environmental engineering. He has been teaching physics, mathematics in both ordinary and Advanced level for more than 8 years. Out of the hundred of students that he has taught, his succes rate stands at 90%. In 2015, through his efforts and influnce,GBHS recorded it's first A since creation. GSS Njilah recorded 100% in physics in 2017, first of its kind in the school. In 2014, his students in further mathmetics recorded 100%. This remarkable results earned him a placed at the Cameroon General Certificate Examination board as an advanced level examiner in 2017.
A trained mathematics teacher, have been teaching both ordinary and advanced level for 4 years. Holder of advanced level sciences, and a final year computer science student at the university of Buea.
An intelligent, realistic and focused. Live in Bamenda, Cameroon and a holder of a DIPES 1 certificate as a Geography secondary school teacher. Currently, on a final year program to obtain a BSc in Geography in the university of Bamenda (faculty of arts Geography and planning). More than 2years experience in preparing students on tutorials against the GCE ordinary level.
English Language and Literature teacher. A holder of a BA in Literature from the university of Bamenda. Presently being trained as a teacher in the Teacher Training college of Bertoua. She is willing and able to efficiently convey knowledge to students. She is committed to the teaching profession.
Sangye Christabel Tengu
A passionate and enthusiastic young entrepreneur with a zeal for imparting knowledge. She Obtained a Bsc in Geography and planning from the University of Bamenda in 2018. She possesses a proven ability to teach and communicate effectively with students as she continues to record years of experience.
24year's old live in Douala and Presently undertaking a degree course in IUG Douala. A holder of GCE Advanced level. An experienced geography and economics teacher teaching advanced level for more than a year.
Level 300 student of the faculty of science, university of Bamenda, pursuing a BSc in geology, mining and environmental sciences. She has been involved in tutorials with students taking the GCE "O" and "A" levels for two years now. She also teaches privately and at holiday classes during summer holidays. Has 2 months’ experience in online tutoring.