My Grace Hopper Celebration Experience



This year 2019,  I was privileged to be a recipient of the GHC student scholarship. I was in Orlando, Florida from the 1-4th of October for the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing Conference. At GHC, I got access to career and academic workshops, networking opportunities, and memories that will last for a lifetime. 

I would like to say thank you to JumpStart Academy Africa for opening me to this world of opportunities. Being a jumpStart Academy Africa Scholar has made me realize that I have the potential in me to change my community, it has opened so many doors of opportunities for me. For example, I am now a third-year computer science major at the African Leadership University and this is all thanks to JumSstart for their unwavering support.  Thanks to all the mentors at JSAA for their sacrifice to help us grow.

The theme of GHC this year was “We will/I will” inviting all attendees to share their plans and vision for the future. My own plan and vision for the future are supporting and mentoring youths in my country in a bid help to them realize the full potential in the STEM  and other areas of education they want to pursue. A would like to say a special thank you to Madelle Kangha co-founder and President of JSSA for the JumpStart vision and her selfless sacrifices towards the youths of Cameroon. I admire so much how you are always willing to support us and make us achieve our goals. Pushing us to be the very best versions of ourselves.

Samiratu Ntohsi


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