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Jumpstart Academy Africa’s Scholar program is a 2 year training in leadership and entrepreneurship for students between the ages 15 – 19. In this world-class program, learners have to commit to working together with educators to make positive changes at school and in their communities. We use a highly skilled team of facilitators to run the course. Over 1000 students have passed through the Academy and are achieving outstanding results in improving their lives, schools, and their communities.

Our scholars’ program has 3 main components.

  • Firstly, a two-year Leadership and Entrepreneurship curriculum that enables students to cultivate 21st-century skills, with an emphasis on employment opportunities, enterprise creation, community engagement, and civic responsibility.
  • Secondly, it offers mentoring in which students are paired with university students and professionals who guide them through the transition from secondary to tertiary education environments and support them through the challenges they face in starting enterprises and community initiatives as well as in their personal lives. At the end of the second year, our scholars in our partner schools come together to showcase their entrepreneurial, leadership and workforce readiness skills knowledge in a challenge called Jumpstart School Challenge.
  • Finally, tutoring sessions improve the learning outcomes of students measured by their performance at school, national and international examinations.

Our goal is to reach over 17,000 young people by 2050 and we have a strategic top-down approach to advocating local government to incorporate components of our model into the national education system by 2035. We believe governments have a key role to play in transforming the education system and we are already building partnerships and networks with the local government.

Jumpstart School challenge

Jumpstart School challenge is an annual project competition whereby scholars working in groups compete for the best entrepreneurial project. In this competition, the students are expected to come up with entrepreneurial based projects and defend them to an audience. Our goal is to enable our scholars to tap into their innovative and entrepreneurial potential, collaborate with peers and launch of exciting ideas. Also, to enable them to get a first-hand real life experience of what the job market and university education will demand from them.

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