My journey as a public speaker

Hi my name is MBUN FREEDOM ANWEIDONG. I am a postgraduate law student in the university of Bamenda . I am scholar of Jumpstart Academy Africa

My study and presence in JAA have been a perfect prelude and platform to navigate my dreams and aspirations.

My journey as a public speaker started with JAA. JAA has effectively initiated activities that elevated my confidence in public speaking through storytelling, assign outreach program tasks.

JAA is the ideal model of Ethical leadership which has inspired me through its practical teachings and molding me to become and lead in diverse professional and non-professional institutions. Today I am the founder of a civil society organization” EQUIPPING THE NEXT GENERATION”, with the mission of Building a Better Future for the Child”, which I have successfully withy team reached out to hundreds of children and youths for the past couple of years.

Planning and linking my organization’s values to policies and norms that aligns with the core value of my organization is accorded to the values earned in JAA.

Thanks to the country Director , NDE LOVERT for championing this movement and making clear the path to my vision

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