Scholars Blog – Glory Tiele Yenchek

Glory Yenchek from our 2017 class shares some highlights from her experience at the Yale Young Africa’s Scholars Program:

Being selected and attending YYAS Rwanda 2018 has been an incredible experience. I have been greatly enriched educationally, politically and socially.

In the educational domain we were given SAT tutorials and we had sessions on how to apply to universities.We had seminars on tribalism in contemporary African societies and how it could be better be used to preserve African culture rather than be a tool of division.  We also discussed and debated the transition of power in Africa, using examples like South Africa and Zimbabwe. We also discussed the role of technology in improving sectors like health and education across the continent.

Finally, meeting about 153 leaders from about 26 countries across Africa who share my passion for positive change, reassured my faith that change on the continent is possible.

I would like to thank the YYAS team headed by Laura Kuab, the team/alumni at Jumpstart Academy Africa and everyone who supported me to make my YYAS experience a reality.
Glory Yenchek


Thanks to all who supported our campaign to send Glory to the Yale Young Africa’s Scholars Program 2018.

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