Scholars Blog – Game Changers Challenge

After our first ever Game Changers Challenge event, some of our scholars had the following to say about their experience:


Yesterday was an unforgettable experience for me. Standing in front of the crowd and pitching my idea was awesome. I have done some presentations before, but this was a very new experience. I am thankful to Game Changers and JumpStart Academy Africa for this incredible opportunity.
Glory Yenchek


The Game Changers Challenge was an amazing experience – it was educative, inspiring and my writing and presentation skills have greatly improved.
Kweti Darling Evodia


 The pitch competition really helped me overcome my fear of speaking in public. Thanks to the coaching from my Jumpstart Mentor, I was able to pitch my idea with confidence.
Larrisah Nayah


 This experience challenged me in many aspects and I learnt how to believe in my abilities. It also helped me learn how to be flexible and think on my feet.
Awa Paul Penn


We all had some great ideas and our Mentors worked with us to select the best ideas and develop them into tangible solutions.
Ulrich Gima Tangunu


 This was my first experience pitching so I was a little nervous at first. However, after being coached by our Mentors and watching my peers pitch, I was up to the task and I enjoyed the experience.
Fon Noela Fru


 The Game Changers Challenge was such a delightful experience. I am thankful to our Mentors who guided us throughout this process and made the event a success.
Nangah Amandine Chi


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