We provide Entrepreneurial Leadership training to secondary school students between 15 and 19 who are passionate and committed to creating lasting change in their communities. Our scholars are selected for their academic performance, ideas for local solutions and their drive to be change makers. Over 50% of our students come from rural areas and over 80% of them come from low-income households.

Over the course of two years, these scholars are immersed in our curriculum and guided by trained Mentors and Tutors to excel in the following areas: enterprise creation, community engagement and academic excellence.


"TWAME" means knowledge in the Esu language of Cameroon.

Through our Twame hub, we equip young people with 21st-century skills and enable them to use the power of their own creativity to create local solutions to community challenges.

We run workshops, training, and mentoring sessions for youths between the ages of 15 and 29.

We empower these young people with the knowledge, skills, networks, and resources to access tertiary education, employment opportunities and start businesses.

Our main areas of focus are;

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career guidance
  • Computer literacy 


Sponsored by Simone Fobi and Iretiayo Akinola, the Game Changers Challenge is a pitch competition which enables JumpStart Academy Africa scholars to tap into their entrepreneurial potential, collaborate with peers having the same vision or mindset to start entrepreneurial initiatives in their respective field of interest.
Through the Game changers Challenge, we hope to mobilize and fund young Cameroonians in senior secondary and high schools with potential innovative ideas and provide them with the tools to transform these ideas into marketable services or products.

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We have partnered with the African Leadership Academy, to serve as a catalyst of the BUILD-in-a-Box program in Cameroon.
The African Leadership Academy's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership(CEL) has designed a BUILD-in-a-Box, a portable toolkit that provides content and teaching material that allows a team of ALA students and Alumni, as facilitators, to run a professional two-day-Entrepreneurial Leadership camps for over 30 young people between 16 and 22.
As a distinguished partner of the BUILD-in-a-Box program, JumpStart Academy Africa will be part of an ecosystem that develops and young Africans, between the ages of 16 - 22, to be innovative and use entrepreneurship to create sustainable change in their communities.

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By contributing financially, you can help JumpStart Academy Africa provide secondary school students across Africa with real-world, hands-on learning