Our purpose at JumpStart Academy is to provide Leadership and Entrepreneurship training, Mentoring and tutoring to youths within the 15 – 19 years’ age group who are pursuing their secondary school education so they are equipped with a core set of 21st-century skills and knowledge which will enable them to make informed decisions regarding their lives.

Ultimately, this will result in a new status quo of literate and skilled youths, entrepreneurs and ethical leaders across Cameroon and Africa.

| Our Mission and Vision


We seek to transform Africa by fixing a broken education system.

Our goal is to provide youths with real-world, hands-on learning that will enable them to find new opportunities to create and deliver value in their communities.


We at JumpStart firmly believe that Africa's future lies within the next generation of young leaders who will capture growth opportunities, generate jobs and create sustainable development. 

We want to create this generate of leaders by enabling African youths to become job creators  so we can tackle the youth unemployment crisis on the continent and empower young Africans to become the economic drivers of the future.

| Our Objectives

Empower youths across to thrive in a technologically advanced world by equipping them with 21st-century skills and tools to create sustainable value.

Empower youths to find new opportunities to create and deliver value in their communities.

Inspire a community of people who are passionate about enabling the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

| Our Values


We are committed to the transformation of the Education system across the continent.


We mentor, support and empower youths to create value for themselves and for their communities.


We create improved learning environments which allow young people to invent and break out.


We are fearless in the pursuit of our goal of embedding entrepreneurship in the education system.

| Our Model


We find young people who are passionate and committed to creating lasting change in their lives and their communities.


We provide an improved learning environment with a student-based and interactive curriculum for youths.


Our programs empower youths by exposing them to new opportunities to create value for themselves and their communities.


Our programs enable youths to excel in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Community Engagement, and Academic Excellence


We foster partnerships and relationships that provide avenues for youths to have a positive impact in their communities.

By contributing financially, you can help JumpStart Academy Africa provide secondary school students across Africa with real-world, hands-on learning